The K9 trencher is able to dig 100-300mm wide, & digs up to 900mm deep. The K9 is ideal for trenching for electrical,water reticulation, irrigation, network service providers - in gated complexes and for private developers.

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Raft Foundations

The K9 mini digger is fast and cost efective - it can trench raft foundations according to the clients exact spesifications in a short amount of time. The K9 can trench raft foundations from 100mm up to 300mm wide and 800mm deep. The atachment has the strength to trench in a multitude of conditions.

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Post Hole Digging

The K9 Post Hole Digger can dig holes up to a 750mm diameter and a depth of at least 1.5 meters, up to 2.3 meters with an extension. The K9 Post hole digger can drill holes for street lights, palasades planting of trees,lapas,steel carports - the list is endless.

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Site Clearing & Leveling

It's a Bucket, a Blade, a Grab and a Leveller! Operated with skill this can be one of the most useful attachments the K9 has to offer. This attachement offers a wide range of services including leveling of uneven ground, site clearing and demolition.

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Electrical cables

Our K9 team are also electrical experts, with over 20 years of experiance. Specialising in cable laying and terminations - we can supply and install to all your electrical needs.

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What is a K9 Mini Digger?


Our K9 Mini Diggeris a versatile and powerful mini digger developed in Australia.

The machine is trailer mounted and is a rapid, cheap and efficient means of digging.

A heavy duty machine built to handle the demands of the contractor / owner operator, it boasts more 'grunt' and a larger safe working load enabling it to power heavier industrial attachments, while still maintaining the ability to go through a standard doorway. The K9-4 PRO operates an extensive range of specialised K9 attachments.

Can the K9 mini digger work in muddy soil?

The K9 mini digger can work under a multitude of conditions. What makes Unsele Worx a leader in its field is the fact that we are one of the few contractors in the country who have tracks for the tyres - allowing our K9 to dig in clay and muddy soil.

Machine Availablity

Day and night, seven days a week , any where, any time. No job is too big or too small - we have more machines available for larger jobs.

Every client is important to us.

How do we contact Unsele Worx?

Contact Paul on 082 379 0298 or at If you want us to give you a call - go to the contact page and fill in the form - we look forward to hearing from you!